Imagine an original piece of beautiful, handcrafted, love-imbued art living with you in your space.

Each unique piece is infused with an intention- a prayer for all things good for you and the world.

Designed to be an antidote to suffering, each piece comes complete with poetic prose describing the loving intention with which it is infused, as well as the story of how the piece came to be.

Every brush stroke, every dollop of paint, every inch of your artwork's surface is dedicated to our unfolding humanity.

I come from a lineage of women artists devoted to using creativity as a form of prayer and intention.


We seek to end the suffering caused by the sense of feeling separate and alone inherent to our human state.


We seek to end the violence and sorrow this sense of isolation can cause, especially to the most vulnerable members of our human family.


We believe creativity to be our innate and shared human birthright and that creative expression is a means of unfolding our identity and transforming our lives. We also believe that art and transformation should be fun.


We use intentional creativity and art as a means to find out more about our individual and shared journey, and we offer the beauty, joy and discoveries this experience unfolds as an invitation for all peoples to come into a sense of belonging to themselves and each other upon our fertile earth.