• Cristy Coates

Star Weaver- Keeper of the Keys

Star Weaver was the third painting in the Color of Woman Teacher Training, with my art teacher, Shiloh Sophia McCloud.

This means she is essentially my third painting, and she remains my husband's favourite!

Something came alive and awake in me through this painting process, called Talisman. Each of the training paintings we journeyed through had a name which embodies the methodology and process we paint onto the canvas. We also write, reflect, move and use guided visualisation to find out more about the archetype we are working with.

Upon completion, we 'listen' to and record what the painting has to say, much like Carl Jung did in his Red book.

Here are the words which Star Weaver evoked:

Feathers and Fire

Everyone of us holds a fire in our hearts.

Every hearts beats,

Every hearts loves.

Through feathers and Grace

the Fire ignites and roars us into Being.

In that whisper of a moment,

that space between the spaces,

all is renewed;

the heart forgets its hurts and

we remember who we are and have always been:

we are the roar

and the roaring

and the one who roars-

Quiet and still, loud as thunder.

Ignite heart. Ignite.

For in the Flames I lose and I find myself, again, and again, and again.

#art #modern #symobology

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