• Cristy Coates

Our Lady of Wisdom

Each year, my painting teacher, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, conducts a year-long painting journey called The Red Madonna.

This is the painting that arose from one of those 12 month processes, titled 'Our Lady of Wisdom'.

As part of the process, we are asked to write a poem or piece of prose that articulates the journey, our learning, what is evoked through our time spent painting, contemplating and reflecting.

Here are the words that arose for me:

Oh, Blessed Mother,

You with many names, many faces.

You who show us the depths,

and give us the courage to withstand the power those depths contain;

You who dwell within us,

ever calling us to beauty,



That we might find nourishment in the hidden and forbidden places

as much as the lush abundance of the earth.

Oh, Blessed Mother,

Who calls us to you with a whisper,

With a roar,

That we might walk gently,


upon sacred ground

with you firmly in our hearts.

Divine Mother,

You who nurture us with whatever might feed our hearts

and lead us deeper into Truths yet to explore,

May we find wisdom in all that pains us,

And nurturance inside the suffering this earthly life is bound to bring.

May we seek humility as we gather knowledge,

May we embody kindness as we search for Truth,

May we remember our smallness as we grow into our bigness,

And may you hold us on the palm of your hand

as we re-member as you stitch us back together,

strand by precious strand.

May your peace be with us.

May your peace be inside us.

May we be your peace.

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