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This medium sized piece is an acrylic on canvas measuring 50 x 70 cm. This depication of both Mary, Mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdelene, was the first truly spiritual painting practice I engaged in. Filled to the brim with mantras and symbolism of the Near East, this piece was painted to the repetition of the Middle Ages pilgrim song, Stella Splendens (Splendid Star) from the Red Book of Monseratt (Llibre Vermell de Montserrat), a collection of hymns and sacred chants compiled by the monks of the monastery of Monseratt, dedicated to the Virgin icon of mysterious origins since 880A.D.


The two Marys embody two different, yet intersecting, Wisdom paths. The elixir of which flows from the Sacred Heart- the heart that is both the Source of everflowing Love, that itself has been wounded. The wound being the place that the Love bound within it gives the capacity to flow ever more deeply in a self-giving way (kenosis, in Christian terminology).

The Two Marys